Reversible skirt tutorial English version

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You will need :


  • 100x150 of fabric x2
  • Elastic
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Shark
  • Measuring tape


I made this skirt for an 8 years old girl so the width is 1m, the lenth 60cm and the elastic 63cm.




1.   Gather supplies. Wash and iron your fabric.

2. Fold one of your fabric in half, right sides together. 
Measure the width, 50 for me since it is folded, and mark it with a shark or pins.
Measure the lenth (60cm for me) and mark it.


3. Determine the shap of your skirt. You can cut a rectangle or a kind of a strange shape like here. Mark it or pin it.


4. Cut your fabric, don't forget to add the seam alowances! For that projetc, I recommend 1cm.



5. Now do the same with your other fabric.

6. Here's what you get (still folded)

7. Pin the sides of one of your fabric still folded. Do the same with your other fabric.

8. Time to sew!

9. Now you're gonna insert one of your fabric in the other, so the right sides are facing.

10. Sew the 2 layers at 1cm from the top of the skirt. Turn out the skirt.

11. Sew another seam 2 cm (depends of the width of your elastic) from the other. Leave some space to insert the elastic.

12. Insert the elastic using a safety pin.




13. Sew the ends of the elastic together. Secure it well.

14. Close the space you left for the elastic. Almost done!

15. Fold your 2 fabric 1cm from the bottom of the skirt. Pin it.

16. Sew very close from the edge.

You're done!


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